Mums are a blessing to the world. They give so much love and are always ready to give more if the need arises and that is the reason they are celebrated not once but twice in Nigeria. Here are a few tips on how to celebrate mum this weekend:

1.       Spa date
A spa date is a gift every woman loves and you can never go wrong with a spa date. A quick Google search will reveal may spa parlours in Nigeria that you can treat your mum to this mother’s day.

Tip: Be sure to read reviews before making your choice because you want to ensure your mum doesn’t have a bad spa experience on mother’s day (she may never forget)
Tip: call the spa parlour to ensure to make reservations and find out about possible mother’s day deals or added services like champagne. Remember, most spas in Lagos require you to make reservations.

2.       Fabric
Nigerian mothers love fabric so you can never go wrong with this one. A Nigerian mother can NEVER have too many yards of fabric, from lazercut to cord to Ankara.

Tip: Purchase a pretty gift box to place the fabric in after purchasing because presentation is very important. DO NOT give her the fabric in a Nylon bag. Some Fabric dealers like Daviva have afro centric gift boxes for your purchase at as little as N200

3.       Hotel get away for 2
There are hotels across Nigeria at different price points with amazing services. Be sure to use travel or hotel booking websites to simplify your search and get good deals.

Tip: This is a good way for your parents to bond and have a mini get away from Lagos hustle and bustle.
Tip: If you are married and your Mother –in-Love and your Mother are very close, you can kill two birds with one stone by having them enjoy the getaway together.
Tip: If you haven’t spent time with your mum, this is also a good way to get away from work and cuddle up with mummy.

4.       Pamper hamper
Hampers are amazing because you get so many goodies in one cute basket. However, pamper hampers are so much better. I’ll suggest natural skincare hampers for mothers as they have no harsh chemicals that can damage their skin. Some of the top natural skincare companies in Nigeria usually have hampers with many natural skincare goodies that mum can enjoy.
Tip: You can make your own hamper of her favourite beauty items for a more personalised hamper.

5.       Date night/movie night
You can treat mum on a date to a lush restaurant serving her favourite meals; just ensure that you have made reservations and you get there in good time cos mums can get cranky when hungry. After dinner, you can take her to a movie or have a movie night at home

Tip: Be strategic when picking a movie, if mummy likes watching Zee world then you shouldn’t take her to watch Avengers in the Cinema.

6.       Accessories
Nigerian mums love accessories. Gold necklaces, shoe and bag, hats, scarves, beads, pearls, rings and the list goes on. If you can’t afford gold jewellery, buy her one coz they love those.

Tip: You can have initials or your date of birth engraved in a jewellery.

7.       Baby/pregnancy
I know it sounds ridiculous but if you are Married and recently found out you are pregnant, hold on to that information and tell her on Mother’s Day. Even if you present a Lamborghini after that she won’t notice….Nigerian mother are obsessed with babies and pregnancy


8.       Car/ house
Remember how our mother will always tell us when we were young that we will buy them houses and cars? Well, it’s not a bad idea if you can afford it.

Tip: Don’t buy mummy a car or house and then register it in daddy’s name…..it’s not cool.

What will you be giving Mummy this Mother’s Day?

Image: officeholiday.com

by Jumai


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