Lagos Leather Fair

On the 2nd-3rd of June 2017, Nigeria hosted its first leather Fair at the Federal Palace Hotel Victoria Island.
I was particularly excited  about this because, who doesn't like leather? and as a certified buy-buy (aka shopaholic) it provided the  perfect opportunity to discover more INDIGENOUS brands to choose from.

I could write pages about this event, but that will be in another post where I share lessons I learnt from the fair. For now please enjoy the pictures from the fair.

Leather table mats and coasters

Shoe Boxes at Fori Fori

They may look heavy, but they are all made from leather and very light weight

Cute baby sandals

Kijipa is the Yoruba word for Khaki

Very pretty wine rack 

These gorgeous clutches can be custom painted with an image of your choice at an amazing price; 100% made in Nigera

Hear Shaped Clutch made with Adire (tie&dye)

I have another post on the fair and the lessons I learnt coming soon. Below are some of the vendors I interacted with and their details

1. Roda Statement bags and Purses: @roda_purses (Ig)

2. O'Eclat:

3.Nsaata Africa:@nsaata (Ig)

4. Pere Lei: @perelei(Ig)

5. Yili Footwear:

6. Artsmith by Gbenga Dada: @gbengaartsmith  (Ig)

7. Qamin:

8. Kijipa Africa: @kijipacouture  (Ig)

9. Crafties Hobby-craft Limited: @crafties4all  (Ig)

10. Siod: @siodleather  (Ig)

11: Design for love: @dflrocks  (Ig)

12: Raychellerays Crafts: @raychelleray_  (Ig)

13. Fori Fori: @theforifori  (Ig)

by Jumai


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