Shea Magic: Benefits of Organic Shea Butter

With the growing shift to using organic skincare products, Shea butter (ori) has become even more popular and sought after. it is one of the most fantastic things you can add to your beauty and health regime. It's 100% natural and rich in lots of minerals and Vitamins including Vitamin A&E and essential fatty acids.

The best Shea butter in Nigeria is known to come from Oyo, Kwara and Abeokuta. Ghana is also very popular for its Shea butter export; I am not sure Nigeria currently Exports Shea butter.
Un-whisked 100% organic Shea butter

Whisked and Scented 100% organic Shea Butter

Here are a few personally tested and trusted use of Shea butter

1. Uses of Shea butter for your skin:

  • It keeps your skin moisturised, 
  • Helps clear discolouration, 
  • Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, 
  • It seals your skin from hash weather as well
  • Natural anti-inflammatory. it helps heal scars, cuts, sunburn and many more
  • Reduces wrinkles

2. Uses of Shea butter for your hair:

  • Shea butter helps soften you hair over a period of continued use.
  • It prevents dandruff on your scalp
  • It's perfect with Bantu knots as well.

3. Other uses:

  • Use Shea butter for aches in your body after hitting the gym.
  • If your heels or lips are cracked, apply some Shea butter to your lips before bed, some to your feet and wear socks to bed and watch a miracle happen by morning.

Do you or have you ever used Shea butter? please share some of the way you
 use it in your regimen in the comments

by Jumai


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