Unboxing: Fori Fori's Octopus Slippers

Hello Guys,

I recently visited the first edition of  The Lagos Leather Fair about two months ago and one of the brands present on the day was Fori-Fori.

Fori-Fori is an indigenous brand that's a 100% Nigerian with Leather locally sourced and treated, a workforce that is a 100% Nigerians and a workshop in the heart of Lagos' hustle and bustle.

My favourite thing about this brand is the clean cut finish of the sandals, slippers, boots and other leather accessories. They also put in a lot of effort to make the package look good.

The slippers I got is called the Octopus

The Verdict:

Pricing: Highly reasonable  price for handmade genuine leather 4/5
Delivery and package: Tamper proof with lots of attention to detail 4/5.
Customer Service: The staff was very polite and they delivered on the promised date 4/5
Expectation: My expectation was matched
Comfort-ability: Very comfortable 5/5

I'll do another post where I style and rock these slippers

Disclaimer: This is Not a sponsored post.
By Jumai


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