If by now you haven't joined the wig band, I really don't know what you are doing (lol). Wigs aren't just beauty accessories; they are more and here are 4 reasons you should be buy and wear a wig today

1.       It protects your natural hair

Let’s take natural hair here to mean both relaxed, texturized and 100% natural hair (or virgin hair like Nigerian Hair dressers like to call it). Wearing wigs is a protective style for your natural hair as it allows you treat and ma age your hair at more regular intervals as against wearing a weave.

2.       It saved time and money:

Yes, wigs cost more than an install at the salon but they are the cheaper option in the long term. Depending on the quality of hair used, you can keep them for years.
When you consider the time required sitting through installing a weave or getting million braids done, wigs are a life saver. All you have to do is wear it and strap/clip in place. And the best part is; you can take it to a salon for washing and moisturising and walk away to get other things done.

3.       You can get creative:

If you have ever considered making your hair yourself, this is close. We all know how annoying it can be trying to straighten or curl a weave install but with wigs, you can experiment any style

4.       You can have a signature style without damaging your hair:

We all know that repeating a particular hairstyle will eventually damage your hair. So if you have a hairstyle you really love, you can have that style custom made into a wig and rock it all the time.

If you have ever considered making your own wig, here is a VIDEO to help you get started.

by Jumai


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