Helpful Tips for Choosing an Organic Skincare Brand/Product

Organic Skincare products are hot in Nigeria right now and although they may all seem lovely and harmless, you have to be strategic in your decision making. Here are a few steps to take or consider before making the decision to buy from that brand:

1.       Research:
Take time out to surf the web about different organic ingredients used in skincare; their benefits, expected results and possible side effects. The internet has tonnes of information that you will find useful. This way, every time someone mentions a particular plant or fruit with respect to skincare you have some idea what they are talking about

2.       Be specific:
Don’t be vague. Know what you want for your skin and ensure that you tailor your search for skincare accordingly. Take for example, you want to treat for hyper pigmentation then you shouldn’t be on a skin bleaching retailers website…do you get the gist? If you aren’t sure what your skin needs, visit a dermatologist

3.       Engage them in conversation
Unlike top beauty brands that don’t have faces, organic skincare products have patrons who are usually easily accessible. Give your company of interest a call or a visit. Ask questions regarding your skin needs and probe them about how they source their ingredients. In the conversation, look out for hints of knowledge regarding skincare i.e some qualification or experience based information; this is very important because not every brand that claims to be 100% organic is actually 100% organic

4.       Read reviews
The best form of marketing is still word of mouth; as human beings we generally trust services that other people have certified good based on their personal experience. Check out reviews on their website, Instagram pages or get information regarding their service and products from their social media followers

5.       Learn about your skin and its needs
You have to know and understand your skin very well to be able to decide or ask for recommendation on what kind of help it needs. 100% organic items are usually very safe for use, however some ingredients do not work well with certain skin types e.g. some natural oils are not suited for certain skin types or skin conditions while you might also react terribly to other ingredients. You also need to be aware of any possible allergic reactions.

6.       Attend fairs and exhibitions
Nigeria hosts a number of beauty events every year. These events are great for meeting lots of skin care companies, but more importantly you get to meet a sizeable number of their customers who can provide first hand experiences of using these products

by Jumai


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