DIY: Whipped Shea Butter for Skin and Hair

Hello guys,

I often end in conversations bout using Shea butter for skin and hair so I thought I'll do a more personal post about Shea butter. I also recorded a video on how to whip Shea butter by yourself with items you can find in your kitchen/home.

  • I have used Shea butter exclusively as body lotion for almost 4 years 
  • Contrary to popular belief that Shea butter darkens skin, I have experience the opposite. Shea butter has over the years given me clearer skin by lightening scars and burns.
  • It helps me manage my hair better
  • Shea butter has lightened appearance of stretch marks on my body over the years with consistent use
  • You can mask the smell of Shea butter with essential oils and perfume as seen in the video below. 

By Jumai 


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